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I was rather impressed with the screwdriver set I got in my stocking with its cunning spring-loaded lid. So I videoed it in action...

I got The Book of General Ignorance from Heather, Anchorman from Graham and an Italian calligraphy set from Ellen.


It's been a long time since I've done any calligraphy and I need to do a fair amount of practice to improve my speed and evenness, but I had a go and writing out a poem this evening that Ellen wrote when she was in Year 7. Click the image to see a larger version.

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It was Ellen's house warming party this evening. Techically, I suppose, it still is. I'm in her living room taking advantage of her wireless internet access, which I got working for her earlier in the evening. I've put photos up on my gallery.

She has a Speedtouch 580 - an ADSL router with wireless access point built in. The only issue is that she doesn't have ADSL any more - she has cable from Telewest. Because the external connection is no longer on the PPP interface, I had to enable NAPT for the IP assigned by the cable modem. It took me a while to work out how to get the router to remember to leave NAPT enabled on the external IP. You can turn on NAPT on an existing IP, but there's no way of actually saving that. I found that what I had to do was create a new DHCP client entry and apply NAPT to that.

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Nick, who I have mentioned a couple of times before in my blog (lead guitarist, 4ft Pimp) got engaged to his long-standing girlfriend, Joey recently and their party was today. It was a good do.

There were two entertaining dogs there - Bitsa, an Alsatian/Lurcher cross and a Jack Russell puppy called Peewee. They played together a lot and fetched balls and tried to join in with a football game that 4ft Pimp and co were playing.

I had to leave the party at around 8:30 to take some tablets, but I went back as I'd left Graham there. We left at just gone 11 because I then needed to take my cyclosporin.

I'm going to bed shortly as I've got a reasonably busy day tomorrow - I'm going to see my Aunt and help her with a problem with her laptop in the afternoon and then it's the Jools Holland concert in Priory Park in the evening.

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