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Creatinine up again

Today was a clinic day - it feels like far more than a week since I was last there. I took Witches Abroad with me and read it on the train and in the renal clinic waiting room.

The doctor saw me reasonably quickly. My creatinine had gone up again, to 162 (or was it 168?). Anyway, it's not going in the right direction and I noticed he had written in his notes that they should think about biopsying me, although he didn't actually mention this. I told him about my legs and feet swelling up and as I expected, he prescribed me frusemide to sort it out. The phlebotomists were being spectacularly slow at the renal clinic today. So much so that I had time to take my frusemide prescription up to Outpatients Pharmacy, come back and read getting on for half-way into the book before they were ready to take my blood. Consequently, I took my cyclosporin at about 1pm instead of 11am. I'll need to make sure I take this evening's at about midnight so I can get back to normal tomorrow. The pharmacy works on a ticket system - I was number 38. In the time it took renal phlebotomy to get from number 70 to me at 81, pharmacy had got to 56. I collected my frusemide, which I didn't have to pay for. One of the non-payment options is being on Income Support, but the pharmacy want to see my letter for that, which I don't have. They also accept having a permanent fistula as a reason for getting your medicine free. This only serves to make me more annoyed at my rather useless GP, who insisted that mine didn't count and made me pay for my medication. The local pharmacy, however, accept getting Income Support as a reason for free prescriptions and don't require evidence. Sigh.

I got some lunch from the hospital shop and headed back home on the train, getting another quarter of the book read on the way.

When I got home, I phoned the Income Support people to chase my application again, which still hadn't been processed. I was given assurances that I would be called back either today or tomorrow morning regarding this, and was fairly surprised when I received the call at about 4pm. The woman quizzed me over why I wanted my claim backdated so far and I pointed out that I'd submitted the form and the evidence they asked for on 4th July - it was their fault that it was delayed so long because they've been spending a month doing nothing. Eventually, she accepted this, but decided that she needed to see my last few payslips from Demon. I located them and cycled down to the Job Centre in Victoria Avenue, only to discover that despite the Income Support processing department being in that building, there was no-one present who could take copies of the pay-slips and hand them to the right person. There was someone at reception (there hadn't been the last time I went there), but he just laughed and told me he'd finished work and now "officially didn't care". So I had to go all the way down to Dencora Court to the main Job Centre and hand them in there to be faxed the the building I'd gone to first, which is less than half the distance from my house. I had been told by the woman who had asked for the evidence that I should ask the staff to phone her and ensure that it had arrived. The receptionist, however, pointed me at one of the phones and told me to press 4. I did, and it rang for rather too long before someone eventually answered and told me he would transfer me to Income Support. The person at the other end told me he'd have to email the Income Support processing department to find out if the fax had arrived. I asked him to email me when he had an answer. "We can't email customers - only internally," he said. So I pointed out that he had my mobile number on file and could call that. When I got home, I discovered a missed call from a withheld number, which I presume to be him. However, he didn't leave an answerphone message and when I tried calling them again, I got a message saying "We are currently not answering our phones. You cannot leave a message. Please call back later.". Aren't they just so helpful!

After that, I continued reading Witches Abroad and finished it just after dinner.

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Engel writes:

Please tell us more about your medication. We find it so interesting.

What's wrong with you anyway, weirdo? Get a job and get a life.

[ Tue 01 Aug 2006 22:15:26 UTC ]

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