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Day 7 in hospital

After yesterday's "fun" of a biopsy, today was rather less interesting. The ward round was quite late today - there was only one doctor, who couldn't tell me any news about what they plan to do next - so I didn't get a chance to go out to the Internet cafe this morning.

As soon as I could after lunch, though, I got dressed and went over there to catch up with my spam and update the SEEFoE website.

I returned to the ward in time for my Calcichew and Sodium Bicarbonate at 3pm, and spent most of the rest of the afternoon reading "The Right Attitude to Rain", the third in the Isabel Dalhousie series by Alexander McCall Smith.

After dinner, I got my blood results, which showed a drop in both creatinine and potassium - to 176 and 4.6, respectively. I had been to the shop across the road when I had been out, and I offered Artur - the Polish guy in the bed opposite mine - a piece of flapjack, which he'd never had before. In return, he gave me a couple of different Polish nutty chocolates, called Bajeczny and Pierrot, which I'm sure will do wonders for my potassium! Artur has started dialysis this week, but clearly hasn't been told about the renal diet yet coz he's been drinking orange juice and eating satsumas. Come to think of it, the renal ward catering staff seem to know just as much about renal dietary requirements.

This evening, I tried to upgrade to Opera Mini 3 on my palm, with little success. The application downloaded and installed, but when I try to get to a web page, it displays a licence agreement and before giving me a chance to agree, whisks me off to the Applications menu.

Update: Having done a bit of googling today (22nd), I've found the answer to the Opera Mini problem. I had to increase the Maximum Java Thread Stack Size from 2Kb to 32Kb. Opera Mini now behaves itself.

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