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Java VNC and tabs

I use the SUCS Desktop on Demand service three times a week while I'm on dialysis, as it makes the Premier Bedside consoles a lot more useful - I can use ssh, play games, use Firefox to browse the web (rather than the cripled version of mozilla that the consoles run) and generally do what I want.

It has annoyed me for quite a while that the Java VNC provided on the SUCS website doesn't capture tab key presses, so this evening, I set out to resolve this. It took several attempts, but I eventually figured it out all in the one dialysis session.

In addition to making tab presses work, I also removed the margins, extra text and buttons and made the HTML compliant. The result can be seen at http://sucs.org/~dez/vnc/

[ Entry posted at: Wed May 17 21:42:13 2006 | 1 comment(s)... | Cat: SUCS ]

Sits writes:

Good luck with that new kidney!

When you're better let us know what hacks you put in place and we will update the main Java VNC page.

[ Sun May 28 20:10:07 2006 ]

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