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No improvement

I was awake and having blood taken at 6:30 this morning hoping, in vain, that it would show an improvement in my creatinine and so avoid the need to do another biopsy. The bloods came back showing a creatinine drop of 5, which was no-where near enough, so the biopsy went ahead as planned.

Eventually, after a whole morning of waiting, it got under way. Biopsies don't hurt as such - you're under local anaesthetic - but there's something about having bits of your internal organs removed with a long needle while you're fully concsious and required to remain completely still that I find really unpleasant.

It took the doctor about eight attempts to get enough samples he was happy with. Then began the six hours of lying still to wait for the blood to clot. My dad arrived with the third Sunday Philosophy Club book and some clothes and stayed until I got the biopsy results at about six.

They showed no change since the biopsy on Friday, so I've got to stay in hospital and wait for the consultant to decide what to do next tomorrow.

Note: this post was written in TejpWriter on my Palm, uploaded using DAV then pasted into Lynx - lets hope it works right :-)

Further note: Well, clearly it did... although I must remember to put paragraph formatting in next time. Perhaps I should look for blogging software for the palm...

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