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Thats right... SONIC's BACK.. Tell a friend!

Gamespot have released an announcement that SONIC is back in 2010 with Sonic 4 - Episode 1.  Similar to how Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles were linked this new title will be episodic content of a larger storyline.

Its going to be available via Wiiware, PSN and XBLA.

And the best thing about it...

Its 2D with 3D Visuals.. http://bit.ly/dgeinD

All I can say is.. THANK YOU SEGA!

One of the Iconic Figures of my Childhood restored.  Forgotten are the Horrors of Sonic 3D and the various other Sonic universe games which fundementally sucked.

Annoying thing is that its not out til the summer but eh well..  I've waited 15 years.. 6 months isn't going to be much harder :)

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Its got to that point, 11 weeks into Uni Term of Final year that our lecturers start talking about what we are going to do \"AFTER\" we graduate.

I\\\'ve been planning on this for several years. Ever since I first came to Swansea in 2006. The EngD, a Research Based Doctorate Program.

In particular I am now looking at the Steel Technology EngD. Initially when I was looking when I came in 2006 I saw posters for a Power/Aerospace EngD, but now I actually get into learning more about Steels and Aero Alloys I find that Steels interest me more.

Steel theory we\'ve been taught in Physical Metallurgy can be transposed to different Alloy systems therefore while my doctorate could well be in \"Steel Technology\". I could use the transferable skills found and take them to loads of different jobs.

The fact that we get paid for doing the EngD is just a bit of a bonus really. £16.5-18.5k Stipend, tax free.. Equivalent of a £24k starting Salary. As borat would say.. \"That\'s Niice\".

They also have a number of other benefits as well - from the Swansea Uni EngD page ->

General Information for 2009 Entry *not yet updated for 2010*

The four-year EngD programme includes:

*A taught-course component, covering technical subjects as well as development of personal, professional, business and managerial skills, and an industry-based research project, guided by academic and industrial supervisors.

*Ten funded places are available each year. In addition to having all fees paid, graduates selected for the EngD programme receive:

*A tax-free stipend, currently rising from £13,000 in Year 1 to £14,200 in Year 4.
*A stipend supplement from the industry partners, currently rising from £3,600 in Year 1 to £4,100 in Year 4
*A travel/subsistence expenses allowance, currently totalling £600 over the four-year period, plus a contribution of up to £600 for approved attendance at an international conference.

The benefit package (including fees) is equivalent to taxable earned income from employment of over £24,000 per annum. Moreover, other all-expenses-paid activities enjoyed by research engineers appointed to the EngD include:

*A five day tour of Corus plants in Wales and a five day tour of other manufacturing plants across the UK in Year 1
*A five day tour of metal intensive manufacturing plants in Europe (e.g. Holland, France and Germany) in Years 2 and 3
*An Annual Seminar and Dinner attended by senior industrialists and academics at which research engineers present research highlights of their work

I\'m just gonna need to ensure I get that 2.i or higher now :)

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I sit down in my 3rd Domicile in Swansea thinking about where i've been, where i'll go. Experiences I've had, experiences i crave and realise that at the end of the day as I've been told hundreds of times throughout my life that the world is my oyster.

And now I'm entering my 4th year here in Swansea, a city that being honest i could see myself spending the rest of my life in, but as the world is my oyster, would I want to stay here forever and starve myself of new experiences in different areas?

Life is a weird thing, a few weeks ago my landlord was talking to me about this guy out in the tropics who works at a bar, lives in a shack and surfs every day and for him, thats perfect life.

For most people nowadays we're so caught up in consumerism we don't see the world around us. The forests, the hills, the endless green being destroyed in the pursuit of the silicon chip and a false, fleeting sense of happiness we get from having the latest gadget, the latest TV, etc... We're never happy with what we have we always need more!

I was walking through Singleton Park yesterday morning on my way to my last day working for Residential Services at University and opened my eyes to the world around me. Instead of being engrossed in songs on my iPod I listened to Birdsong, instead of checking texts I watched a group of what I believe were either Blue or Great Tits pecking at bark on a tree, of Black Birds hopping along the ground and squirrels running across the ground up into trees.

As mentioned by Agent Smith, we are a cancer of this world. And I just wonder sometimes where we'll stop, whether any animals will survive our relentless expansion and where we'll all be in the future. Then i realise that once again I'm getting too far into the future, I'm missing whats right in front of my face. At the end of the day I can't save the world, I can do my bit to help reduce my carbon footprint, help to reduce the level of electricity I use, start being thankful for what i have in life.

And thus we get back to my 4th year at Swansea! I've been trying to make up a budget for the year. This budget was to ensure that i remain outside my overdraft by the time i eventually graduate next year. But instead of this plan, I'm going to spend it wisely on making sure that i enjoy my final undergraduate year in Swansea and have enough to go out on Holiday next year and enjoy myself. This will however reduce the amount I go out this year in Swansea, instead of multiple times a week only a few times a month I shall be gracing the swansea town and uni clubs. That'll ensure that I don't get towards the end of term and go... hey, where did all my money go! It'll also help with my weight loss efforts!! Win Win surely?

I'm also hoping to reduce the level of multi tasking I do this year to help focusing on things. James Frost (frosty) mentions this in his latest blog and I think I'm going to take a leaf out of his book.

I need to be narrow minded when doing my dissertation which sadly will mean that my "virtual" connection to the world outside will have to sever most of its ties, or at least go quiet for a while. So adieu to the many online communities i contribute to.

Hello World!

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Ok, I've taken the title of this blog from someone else's post but I agree with the sentiments it puts out.

Recently Twitter have made a "Small Settings Change" to the way twitter works.
This "Small Settings Change" mentioned on the twitter blog isn't optional, its been forced down your throat and you have to swallow the fundemental changes they have made to the way twitter functions by removing the partial discussions aka replies between people, you can still see mentions IE @usernames in the middle of text, but following random people your friends know through reading conversations and thus extending the social web seems to be a thing of the past.

While I may not know the technical reasons for the changes its already started a huge wave to move across the twitterverse, various Retweets (RTs) and hashtags (#fixreplies) are already in circulation to make the point of how they disagree with the new changes to the way twitter functions.

@Scotthepburn put it best methinks - "OMG! I'm in a Bar and can only hear conversations between people i know! Its so quiet! This place is lame...I'm leaving."

This fundementally prevents people taking part in conversations that spark their interest between their friends and "new" friends they could find through further conversations. Maybe its just me but I don't like what they are doing


Anywhoo, I've got an exam tomorrow to finish preparing for, catch you all later

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Its been a wierd week.

*Going to go and watch Star Trek tonight at Midnight
*Handed in Reports
*Laptop should be back from staples tomorrow :D

*Lack of Sleep

Then there is another point I'm not quite sure on.

I formally handed away my role as a forum moderator over at Petroglyph Games.

While I'm sure many of you will go "Who the hell cares?" let me put this out in simple english.

When I was a kid, I was always the loner, the guy on the outside. I found an escape from this through gaming, and when i was 17 i stumbled into online gaming forums. The main hub i found was over at LucasArts Forums. At this forum I must admit i was a bit of a troll. I had far too much enthusiasm and quite a few times was told to basically shut up, some things never change ;)

From Lucasarts forums i found other sites, branched out. I became active running a Fansite for Petroglyph Games, The Petroglyph Fans Forums. From there i matured a bit, was still a little bit eccentric, again nothing changes, and met guys who made the original Command and Conquer titles.

I've met a lot of people along the way, but with the way i see the company going I'm afraid I have better things to do than see work i've done over the years just wiped away.

Its been a blast but now it means i can focus more on Uni and other things like the redevelopment of EAWfiles and my personal website.


Oh yeah, expect more blog posts too ^^

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We have no idea what the hell is happening with filefront

Forums are back...

What the hell :/

We found out on arloria.net that even n0e has no idea but that redm, chrisob and zerozombie (Management of FF before ZD) have gotten involved..

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According to the BBC NEWS student Fees are to rise between £4000 and £20000 -> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/education/7946912.stm

I've been an Engineering student at Swansea for 3 years, ever since the original £3000 top up fees came in.  I'm now in the region of £20,000 in debt with that only set to rocket.

When I read that they want to increase fees I'm disgusted, especially when there are Vice Chancellors earning upwards of £150,000 p/a.  Are they trying to set up a similar system as the US with people having to have a college fund to pay their way through university??

Its currently looking like, with the current financial costs, i'll graduate with a £26000+ student debt, It'll be years before that is cleared, especially as once i graduate i'd like to actually have a life, buy a car, go on holiday at least once.

In the assemblies/government buildings obviously they're living in cookoo land.  Explain to me where that extra money is going to go apart from in the pockets of the management??

The issue is not just fees though, so we'll have (over a 3year course) between £12000 and £60000 just in Fees. Then what about living costs on top of that?  Students will start graduating with basically a mortgage.   Lets all increase the national debt again!  I mean, its not like we're in a recession or anything based on unsecured loans on things...

This change in policy will only decrease the number of people going to university, reduce the number of people going for engineering, medicine and other long-er term degree schemes.

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In a zoo in California , a mother tiger gave birth to a rare set of triplet tiger cubs. Unfortunately,due to complications in the pregnancy, the cubs were born prematurely and due to their tiny size, they died shortly after birth.

The mother tiger after recovering from the delivery, suddenly started to decline in health, although physically she was fine. The veterinarians felt that the loss of her litter had caused the tigress to fall into a depression. The doctors decided that if the tigress could surrogate another mother's cubs, perhaps she would improve.

After checking with many other zoos across the country, the depressing news was that there were no tiger cubs of the right age to introduce to the mourning mother. The veterinarians decided to try something that had never been tried in a zoo environment. Sometimes a mother of one species will take on the care of a different species. The only 'orphans' that could be
found quickly, were a litter of weanling pigs. The zoo keepers and vets wrapped the piglets in tiger skin and placed the babies around the mother tiger. Would they become cubs or pork chops??
Take a look...

Now, please tell me one more time .?
Why can't the rest of the world just get along???

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Theres a few things i want to talk about today. 

Number 1: SUCS desktops now are all running W:ET which is either going to be a lot of fun or severely reduce my work-rate when i'm at uni... YAY :D  We've reactivated the Gameserver W:ET Server so there is scope for having 8 people in the room connecting to non-campus people for big gaming sessions - Awesome!


Number 2: People have been commenting that often i seem down recently.  There are 1001 reasons for this depending on the time of the day you see me and on which day.  If you actually really care i may well properly ponder the reasons... otherwise meh.


Number 3: I was linked earlier to a slashdot article by Andy Price (welshbyte): http://news.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=09/02/05/2349240  Quite a few of the guys on Milliways (the sucs bbs talker - non members can talk on it too :D ) were commenting on it.  The general consensus was that the report was done by a company with tiies to Microsoft.


Well thats about it this week.  I'll catch you all anon.


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And into the world comes a new gaming company.  From the Geniuses that brought us both Command and Conquer and the Universe At War Storyline (before Sega ruined it) comes JET SET GAMES!

Jet Set Games is a company based in Las Vegas that was brought into life last year by Brett Sperry, Adam Isgreen and Rade Stojsavljevic.

No news yet about whether they have any publishers lined up though.

Good Luck to the guys anyway :D

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And thus comes my 5th blog of 2009..

I'm currently sitting in the library wondering about a number of things.  As i mentioned in my previous blog I was looking for the meaning of life - update - still not found it.  Anywhoo..

Back to the topic at hand of generalisation of blogging

1. iPod has been stolen/lost

Yep, my black iPod has disappeared.  I had it yesterday before helping at UCAS and sometime inbetween dropping off my bag and picking it back up it vanished.  Its annoying as it was my 18th birthday present :(  Just means that I'm going to have to start diverting funds to replace it.  Which is really annoying!

2. SUCS@Playzone Social. 

 SUCS are planning a trip over to playzone next friday - all non-members are more than welcome however if you want to come we're going to have to book tomorrow!  Email us at exec[at]sucs[dot]org and we'll add you + however many guests you want to bring to the list.  Please note it is £7.50 For entry on top of taxi costs.  Ideally we'd also like payment up front as we're going to have to book and I think pay upfront too.

3. Other News


Music - Currently listening to a lot of Nickleback & random stuff as can be seen here - last.fm/user/foshjedi2004

Catch you all later!

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Well and thus the exams are done, I've had 2 very heavy nights out and am currently eating toast hoping that the carbon residue on the faces will help to settle the alcohol that is most likely still floating throughout my body causing my stomach to churn every few minutes.

Generally its not been too bad in my opinion.  I was very very apprehensive going into my last exam on wednesday but with any luck in a few weeks i'll see that being in the library for hours and hours on end has paid off and I'll be sitting on an average of hopefully a 2:1 for the first half of this year.

I'm not really looking forward to monday.  I've got lectures kicking off and to be frank my timetable is horrible.  4 9am Lectures (monday-wed & fri) and a 4 hour gap on a tuesday.  With any luck however that'll allow me time to be in the Engineering Section of the library going through the reports that i will be set to write on a monday afternoon.

I'm still working out what to do about accomodation for next year.  At the moment there is definately 2 of us wanting to move into a 4 person house (Dave, my current housemate, and moi).  1 of our mates says maybe but even then we're still looking for another 1.  Its hard being in this position because finding an extra 1 that gets on with all the people wanting to move in is harder than finding another 2.

I must say that the end of this academic year is going to be slightly wierd.  Lots of my mates are all moving away from uni to whereever they plan to.  Just makes me wonder whether we'll stay in touch or if people are just going to move away and get on with their lives.  I've still got a year of uni and I'm still apprehensive of what i'll do when i graduate!  I've been in Education for 18 years of my life & maybe its just me but i think that there will be a massive void to fill.  Plus knowing me i'll start to become philosophical and ask why am i here, what am i meant to do with my life?

Well I'll think about this over the next few weeks and possibly will do another blog with my ponderings about the meaning of life later this term.  For the time being i'll leave the answer of the ultimate question of life the universe and everything at 42 and end this blog.

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Well here we go... My 3rd Blog of 2009!  ooo... Shiny, not really but I've realised just how insignificant i really am in the grand scheme of things..

Anyhow, back onto the Blogging.

Had Exams 2 and 3 today.  Physical Properties was not too bad.  I already had 19.5% in the Module from the class test we did last year.  The exam itself wasn't too bad.  There was a 25mark Multiple Choice section in which i am 99% sure that i have at least 20 marks in on top of the several marks i picked up in other sections I think I'm looking at a 2-1 at minimum ^^

Microstructures...  Now this was a module i was dreading.  I utterly flunked it this year and I think I passed this module.  I'm pretty sure i would have at least 40% in it but knowing my luck it'll be weighted down a lot :/

In other news - SUCS have a event to go to Swansea Playzone in 2 weeks time.  If people are interested we'll be booking it next week sometime.  If you leave me a message then I'll make a note and email exec[at]sucs[dot]org about it ^^


Hope everyone is doing well & good luck for anyone still with exams to do!

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ok, so I've broken my 3 blogs in the next week idea but thats just so i can do an extra blog.. woop!

http://www.mytheon-europe.com/en/index.html or http://www.mytheongame.com/

Basically the game is set around early Humanity and its war against the Gods to earn their freedom.  It embraces (on release) the Greek, Norse and Egyptian Mythologies so expect to see Minotaurs, Hydras, Sirens and all hell of evil creatures.

It sounds promising however I'm going to reserve judgement until the summer beta.  Petroglyph have dropped the ball on several of their previous projects so I'll wait and see what happens.

Some of the Concept art though is pretty sweet :D

Mytheon Image



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Well Good Evening there...

I know technically its not evening but anyhow.  Here is Blog 1 of the 3 I'm going to be writing in relatively quick succession over the next week after all my exams (Monday I've got 2 so it'll be an evening blogging).

Had my first exam today, I must say that repeating my year has made me stress about these exams a lot more than i usually would have.  To be honest I actually feel pretty confident about the exam itself.  I knew answers to all the questions which is always good.  Even remembering all the equations they asked about which is always a good thing to happen, I just wish i could find out my results sooner rather than later, I got a 78% First in my Statistics and Computation Module (after being weighted down 5% :( ).

The only thing I think I'm worrying mainly about in this exam is whether i went into enough detail.  On some of the questions it was 9marks for just putting in an equation and the SI units.  But what happens if they wanted more detail?  I shouldn't stress over it tbh.  This module was 50% Coursework in which I averaged a mid 1st so hopefully that'll help me get at least a 2:1 (hopefully a first) for this module (better than the 2:2 I had in it last year).

I'm pretty happy though how my revision for the other 3 exams i have this period are going, revision wise.  I'm confident about answering the Microstructure questions (I only got 23% in it this time last year - lack of revision on my part on top of stressing for the exam that was before it in the day), Physical Properties is going to be a pretty hard exam and I'm feeling ok about Crystal Structures and Defects.  Spending 9-10 hours in the library every day for the past 2 weeks to get revision done has helped a lot though!  I've not done any revision in the 4 hours since my exam finished.  Decided to have a small break and watched the new Smallville Episode on Youtube.

Good thing that they all end on wednesday, I've got a birthday to go to in the evening which i forsee could end up with quite a lot of alcohol consumed just as a massive wind down from the stress of the past 2 weeks.  Friday is a planned Pub Golf session with some mates from maths so that should be another heavy evening.

Then friday 6th february is going to be a Playzone session with SUCS so thats something to look forward to.  My first sucs event as Publicity Officer.  Hope it goes off without a hitch!


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