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Blog 5 of 2009!

And thus comes my 5th blog of 2009..

I'm currently sitting in the library wondering about a number of things.  As i mentioned in my previous blog I was looking for the meaning of life - update - still not found it.  Anywhoo..

Back to the topic at hand of generalisation of blogging

1. iPod has been stolen/lost

Yep, my black iPod has disappeared.  I had it yesterday before helping at UCAS and sometime inbetween dropping off my bag and picking it back up it vanished.  Its annoying as it was my 18th birthday present :(  Just means that I'm going to have to start diverting funds to replace it.  Which is really annoying!

2. SUCS@Playzone Social. 

 SUCS are planning a trip over to playzone next friday - all non-members are more than welcome however if you want to come we're going to have to book tomorrow!  Email us at exec[at]sucs[dot]org and we'll add you + however many guests you want to bring to the list.  Please note it is £7.50 For entry on top of taxi costs.  Ideally we'd also like payment up front as we're going to have to book and I think pay upfront too.

3. Other News


Music - Currently listening to a lot of Nickleback & random stuff as can be seen here - last.fm/user/foshjedi2004

Catch you all later!

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