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Missed us at fresher's fayre??

Here’s how to join the club

  • First you need to join the Athletic Union (AU), they oversee all sports at Swansea university and you cannot participate with any of the student sports clubs before you have joined them, this is because they provide our insurance and also for other legal and financial reasons. To join the AU visit their website (, click the ’join the AU’ tab on the left of their site and then follow the ’new user’ instructions to join the AU.
  • After filling out the AU’s forms you get a confirmation page, print this and take it to the AU office where you will be given an AU card! This is your ticket to join more than 40 sports clubs!! If you’re not sure where the AU office is we can take you up there at one of our signups and we can also help you with the online forms if you’re having trouble.
  • Our signups are every Wednesday and Friday 12.30 – 1.30 pm in JCs bar (coffee side) on the 2nd floor of Fulton house. Come and find us here and we can sign you up to the club.

We look forward to meeting you!

Not sure if hiking is for you? Our walks are of varying lengths from 6 to 14miles and guided by a committee member or competent walk leader, we won’t rush you or force you to walk faster than you feel comfortable. We visit some awesome locations including local areas like the Gower peninsula and the Brecon beacons as well as longer trips to areas like Snowdonia and the Peak district. Checkout our photos in the gallery!

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