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Last week was RSPCA Week, and we were fundraising for the Llys Nini centre in Swansea, which serves a large area of south Wales.

The centre is funded entirely by voluntary donations, and as it serves such a large area it needs a lot of funding!

Both the Conservation and People and Planet Societies helped out with a few events...

- A cake sale on Friday, selling home made cakes along with some RSPCA badges. We raised over £85 from this! Thanks to everyone who supported us, and to those that made the yummy cakes!!!

- The Animal Social.... welll... basically we all dressed up as animals, got very drunk and went round asking people to donate! Not sure quite how much we made yet, but a certain member dressed as a lamb/sheep managed to shake £37 out of peoples pockets!!! 

- Fundraising at Fforestfach Tesco - we stood outside Tesco for 5 hours, hungover as hell, with little blue money pots and various RSPCA goodies to sell! Again, the results are yet to come in as to how much we made.

Hopefully our efforts have helped the Llys Nini centre!

Thanks to Kev & Cath for organising it all!




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Over the last few months we've been doing a lot of work on the Gower.

Huw Lloyd (the Gower Ranger, which is far more super-hero like than Power Rangers, cos they don't save wildlife) has been guiding us over the weeks with various projects from trail clearing to fence building/destroying which has been awesome! 

We've been to Port Einon (Fencing, Trail clearing), Horton (Fencing), Pwll Du (Gorse clearing) and Bishopston valley (Trail clearing)! Phew!

Not only have we been helping conserve the Gower but we've seen loads of wildlife including Britain's only carnivorous plant! woo! 

Lots more to come, including helping out on Ryers down and Huntingsdown... WATCH THIS SPACE!

Check out the pictures! 




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Get 4 friends and donate a tenner each, and buy an acre of rainforest! Awesome. http://www.worldlandtrust.org/supporting/donation.htm

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In one of the few places on Earth where people can rarely be found, the human race has well and truly made its mark. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean lies a floating garbage patch twice the size of Britain. A place where the water is filled with six times as much plastic as plankton. This plastic-plankton soup is entering the food chain and heading for your dinner table.

Read more... here

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EU ministers have agreed to impose carbon emissions quotas on airlines in an attempt to fight climate change.

Stavros Dimas, European Environment Commissioner

Stavros Dimas says aircraft emissions could double by 2020

Read more on the BBC news site: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/7154673.stm

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A controversial Japanese mission to hunt humpback whales in the Antarctic has been temporarily abandoned, a top government official says.

humpback whale

Japan has said the hunt would be too small to affect whale numbers

Read more on the BBC website: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/7155255.stm

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Go Green Week is your chance to make a difference and get involved in saving our planet!

Here's the schedule (starting Monday 26th Nov)

MONDAY: Local and Organic food day.  We are teaming up with Discovery to promote buying local and organic food in Swansea.  We have an organic famer coming in for the day and you will be able to order fruit and vegetable bags from him.

Monday night there wil be be a talk on sustainable living by Dr Larch Maxey. venue still to be confirmed.
TUESDAY: Sustainable Travel.  We will be promoting alternative travel methods in Swansea such as the bus and cycling.  We will heopfully have some people in from SUSTRANS (the people whol develop all the cycle networks in the country) and BEN (Black Environment Network) who run a bike recycling scheme in Swansea.  We will be holding a raffle to give away a free bike at the end of the week. We will also have lots of Swansea Sustainable Travel guides to give away.
WEDNESDAY: Look out for stunts around campus to get students thinking about how to be green.
THURSDAY: Energy Saving Day.  We will be giving away lots of energy saving light bulbs and power down adapters.  And giving away lots of information on how to cut your energy bills and be energy efficient.

Thursday night there will be a bag making session using recycalbe materials. Venue to be confirmed.
FRIDAY: Recycling Day.  The council are bringing in their fantastic trailer of goodies for us to give away.  Bring along your old plastic carrier bags and exchange them for a re-usable cotton bag!  We will be giving away re-usable mugs as well of lots of information on how to recycle on campus and in Brynmill.  The council are also bringing with them loads of green bags so if you're running short come and pick some up!
On the Friday we will be meeting with the Vice Chancellor.  Throughout the week we will be collecting signatures on our carbon footprint petition cards, we will be asking for the University to reduce its carbon footprint by 60% by 2020. These signatures will be presented at the end of the week to the VC so we hope to get as many as we can to really shock him and make him take action!
If anyone would like to get involved in helping during Go Green week, we are holding meetings on Tuesday evenings at 6pm in the Collanade Room in the run up to the week. Or people can e-mail us at uwsconservation@hotmail.com
There are other events still to be finalised, such as a green tooters at the end of Go Green week.  Look out for information throughout the week at our table for more information on what's going on.

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