Ahhh, Gower. One of the best reasons to live in Swansea.

The sun was hot, the sea was blue and the air was sweet with the heavy aroma of wild Gorse, blooming across the clifftops in bright, yellow bands. I didn't realise how wonderful Gorse actually smells. It's akin to the smell of coconuts and suncream, I think, and it perfumed the air, bringing back memories of family holidays and ice cream.

Oxwich bay is massive. I think it must be as big as Swansea bay, it took me forever to get across it. On an information notice, I learned that Oxwich bay has some of the most diverse coastal habitats in the UK. There was even a warning about adders, which surprised me a bit.

The next stretch of path lay through some woodland which was absolutely teaming with bluebells. The pathway ran under green arches of foliage, the sun striking through at intervals. It was very Tolkienesque.

The path rejoined the coast further down and I headed on towards Port Eynon. At that point, the accumulation of heat and humidity conspired to initiate a downpour. Which is a shame, since I was hoping to see Rhossili for the first time.

But never mind, the Summer is young and the days are long. I'll get out there in time.

Pictures here.

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