X Toolkit Intrinsics Reference Manual

Book Available X Toolkit Intrinsics Reference Manual

Author: David Flanagan

The X Toolkit Intrinsics Reference Manual is a complete programmer's reference for the X Toolkit. It provides reference pages for each of the Xt functions as well as the widget classes defined by Xt and the Athena widgets. This volume is based on Xt documentation from the X Consortium and has been re-edited, reorganized, and expanded. Contents include:
  • Reference pages for each of the Xt Intrinsics and macros, organized alphabetically for ease of use.
  • Reference pages for the interface definitions of functions registered using other Xt functions.
  • Reference pages for the Core, Composite, and Constraint widget methods.
  • Reference pages for the Object, RectObj, Core, Composite, Constraint, and Shell widget classes defined by Xt.
  • Reference pages for Athena widget classes.
  • Reference pages for Xt-related Xmu functions.
  • Permuted index.
  • Many appendices and quick reference aids.
The third edition of Volume 5 has been completely revised. In addition to covering Release 4 and Release 5 of X, all the man pages have been completely rewritten for clarity and ease of use, and new examples and descriptions have been added throughout the book. This manual is a companion to Volume 4M, X Toolkit Intrinsics Programming Manual.

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