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Author: Mark Harrison

The Tcl language and Tk toolkit, even alone, offer many benefits: They're easy to learn, capable of producing good interfaces quickly, great for prototyping applications, and they are infinitely customizable. But one of the greatest strengths of Tcl/Tk is the range of extensions written for it. Now you can read about the most popular and robust extensions, clearly documented in the classic O'Reilly style by the extension authors themselves, supported with a foreword by Tcl/Tk creator John Ousterhout.

With Tcl/Tk extensions, you can:

  • Write robust object-oriented programs ([incr Tcl] and [incr Tk])
  • Produce complex interfaces with one-line commands ([incr Widgets] and Tix)
  • Layout graphs and tables (BLT)
  • Display 3D graphics with rich textures (TSIPP)
  • Interact with Oracle and Sybase databases (Sybtcl and Oratcl)
  • Network over sockets and remote procedure calls (Tcl-DP)
  • Create collaborative multi-user environments (GroupKit)
  • Automate programs that call for human users (expect)
  • Use complex data structures and UNIX system calls (TclX)
  • Embed Tk calls in C programs (ET)
  • Display tree structures (Tree)

This book documents all these extensions -- in an eminently readable and usable form by the people who created them -- and contains information on configuration, debugging, and other important tasks.

This book comes with a CD-ROM that includes Tcl/Tk, the extensions, and other tools documented in the text both in source form and as binaries for Solaris and Linux.

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