Stopping Spam

Book Available Stopping Spam

Author: Alan Schwartz & Simson Garfinkel

If unwanted advertising is filling your e-mail and clogging up your favorite newsgroups, or if you're a system administrator plagued by spammers, you'll love this book. Schwartz and Garfinkel examine the growth of spam and give readers the tools to help end the problem.

The authors first explain why spam is more than just a mere annoyance and offer solutions that anyone with a basic knowledge of how the Internet and e-mail work can understand. Readers without such knowledge needn't worry--the chapter on Internet basics can get them up to speed.

Schwartz and Garfinkel demonstrate technical, political, and social approaches to keeping spam out of your mailbox and off your system. They discuss the many ways spammers falsify their mail, using fraudulent techniques to disguise where they come from. The authors show you how to avoid being fooled and what you can do to help catch abusers and make them responsible for their misbehavior. --Elizabeth Lewis

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