Fundamentals of Database Systems 2nd Edition

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Author: Elmasri / Navathe

Responding to the requests of database professors nationwide,the leading textbook for the introductory database management course is being fully revised in time for the startof Fall 1999 classes. Fundamentals of Database Systems, Third Edition is updated to reflect the latest developments indatabase research and practice. It combines clear explanations of theory and real systems, broad coverage of modeling and design of databases, and excellent examples with up-to-date introductions to modern database technology.

Features of the Third Edition

Presents clear and complete discussion of the relational approach including modeling, design, and query languages

Reorganized material on data modeling to clearly separate entity relationship modeling, extended entity relationship modeling, and object-oriented modeling

NEW! Gives examples of real database systems - Oracle and Microsoft Access - in Ch. 10

NEW and EXPANDED! Provides coverage of the object-oriented and object relational approach to data management including ODMG and SQL3

NEW! Includes discussion of decision support applications of data warehousing and data mining, as well as emerging technologies of web databases, multimedia, and mobile databases

NEW! Covers advanced modeling in the areas of active, temporal, and spatial databases

NEW! Discusses current database application areas of GIS, genome, and digital libraries

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