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If there's hate in this heart
Then there's hate in that heart
For one hand claps not without the other
For one hand claps not without the other

From love springs love, but who can say
If love is not returned, it furthers by the day
From hate springs hate, so we have found
It's growing ever stronger, we will see it all around

With every chance you take and every heart you break

Chorus: Every day I'm more disappointed
By the world and I'm losing my faith
We made the hell that we have to live
Another universal truth
We keep on asking the same kind of questions
We keep on fighting the same type of wars
But you will find what you need inside
To be a superior mind

Do you still believe in what you said was right
You kept saying that you loved me
But you were wrong
It's lust at first sight
We've been this way for as long as we can remember
Why do you always make the choice to punish
Without the scars to show you will never grow


Oh no oh no.......
It will never change
It will never make sense
Oh no oh no oh no
You will never find your way
If you never choose to play that game
Oh no......

We keep on making the same mistakes
Over and over
Your love turned to hate and your hate turned to love
We killed all the things that I used to be dreaming of

Chorus If there's love in this heart,
Then there's hate in that heart
For one hand claps not without the other

A. Studt / D. Eriksen

These lyrics are taken from the False Smiles album notes. Any errors are mine - please email me with any corrections.

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