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[IMG]Cathederal dominates the sky line.JPG26-Dec-2004 15:09 205K 
[IMG]Cathederal on the top of the cliffs, above the fulling mill.JPG26-Dec-2004 15:09 237K 
[IMG]Cathederal through the trees.JPG26-Dec-2004 15:09 306K 
[IMG]Cathederal tower from Castle Bailey.JPG26-Dec-2004 15:09 182K 
[IMG]Cliff-top cathederal.JPG26-Dec-2004 15:09 259K 
[IMG]East end of cathederal.jpg26-Dec-2004 15:09 292K 
[IMG]North door.JPG26-Dec-2004 15:09 423K 
[IMG]Palace green and north view of Cathederal.jpg26-Dec-2004 15:09 271K 
[IMG]South-East view from South Bailey street.JPG26-Dec-2004 15:09 220K 

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