This Is My Life

This is my life
This is my world
This is my entire field of vision
My horizons and my middle distance
My mountains and plains
My swamps and forests
All are within this one room
This room is me, I exist only here
Never to leave,
In here I am confined
Eternity knows no bounds
Time has no meaning.

Yet once I was free,
Able to roam as I pleased
But then my life was ended
In a cruel and heartless way
In this very room
By my own brother's sword
He was the younger
And I was to be our father's heir

So condemned to this state
Of neither life nor death
I must wait out eternity
Or until I'm exorcised
But who will bring a priest
To an old forgotten castle
In an old forgotten land

For eternity I must be content to wait
For I have no choice in this
When I was but a child
A ghost I would long to be,
To float through walls
And give old ladies frights
Yet how wrong could I be?
Trapped in a single room
For longer than the mind
Can hope to conceive.
Even hell would be better
Than this in between.

Chris McKenna

17/03/98 11:30 - 12:20
In psychology lesson

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Copyright (C) Chris McKenna 1998