Use of Awkward's Time Team Forum Friends Photos

You are free to save a copy of any of my photos on these pages for your personal use (eg. for a desktop background), but I do like feedback. It is always nice to receive comments on my photos, especially as to which ones you like the most, and I would particularly appreciate this if you copy a picture.

If you want to use any of my photos in a publication of any sort (including non-profit ones), or to include one or more on a website then please ask me. I will normally say you can use the picture(s), but in the case of photos with other people in them, then I will have to obtain their permission first. Please be patient when asking when waiting for permission, as I normally only have access to my email at evenings and weekends - and if I have to get permission from others, this will take more time.

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Last updated 19:17 30/05/2002.