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[IMG]Emily.JPG26-Dec-2004 15:09 144K 
[IMG]this passageway runs all the way around the castle basement.JPG26-Dec-2004 15:09 155K 
[IMG]model of castle.JPG26-Dec-2004 15:09 180K 
[IMG]Anne B.JPG26-Dec-2004 15:09 186K 
[IMG]Laundry room.JPG26-Dec-2004 15:09 236K 
[IMG]Harpist.JPG26-Dec-2004 15:09 244K 
[IMG]Looking down into the castle from the Eastern battlement.JPG26-Dec-2004 15:09 256K 
[IMG]Entrance to the castle.JPG26-Dec-2004 15:09 280K 
[IMG]The castle from the south.jpg26-Dec-2004 15:09 301K 
[IMG]Caz, Emily and Mark.jpg26-Dec-2004 15:09 391K 
[IMG]the castle towers from the Eastern battlements.jpg26-Dec-2004 15:09 430K 
[IMG]360 view from Eastern Battlements.jpg26-Dec-2004 15:09 1.0M 

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