Time Team Forum Friends Visit To Ironbridge & Much Wenlock

This is the information about the Time Team Forum Friends (TTFF) visit to Ironbridge and Much Wenlcok. It is a digest of the latest information from the relevant thread of the Time Team Forum (currently this is 'TTFF National Meet - Ironbridge and Much Wenlock'). I intend to keep this as up-to-date as possible. The date in the next paragraph shows when this information was last updated.

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Extract from "The Ultimate Time Team Companion" about Much Wenlock
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Important Notes!:

The place of the end of day meet-up and coffe has changed. Due to changes in opening hours we will now me meeting at The Swan, which is also in The Wharfage, Ironbridge. See the Coffee section below for full details.
All other arrangements have been confirmed as they currently stand.


What? - National meet of the Time Team Forum Friends
When? - Saturday 15th September 2001
Where? - Much Wenlock - Ironbridge Gorge Museums (Blists Hill), Shropshire
What Time? - 9:30am (approx)
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Important Information

Anyone wishing to come must either e-mail Keith S, or register their intention to attend on the relevant thread of the TT forum. No later than 1st September Once they have done so, they must then check for final times of meeting, the exact meeting point and the timetable for the day. This will be on the relevent thread of the TT Forum and here.
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Much Wenlock

The day starst at approximately 9:30am when we shall meet in Much Wenlock.
The meeting point is Carol Anne's Coffee Shop in Wilmore St, Much Wenlock (turn left at the top of the High Street). (map. The decor is very pink, which will help in recgonising it!
There is a car park at the back of the high street. (map)
Click here for an extract from "The Ultimate Time Team Companion" about Much Wenlock
There are three options for people to choose to do in Much Wenlock.
  1. Guided Tour of Much Wenlock
  2. The Olympian Trail
  3. The Priory

Guided Tour of Much Wenlock

Now including Gery Bowden's Garden
The guided tour starts at 10:00am lasting about 1.5 hours and costs 1.00 per person. It takes in the major historic sites of the town, including the Guild Hall and the Museum but not the
Priory. By kind permision of Gery Bowden, the tour will now include his garden, the site of the second trench Time Team ever dug! He will be there to point out details, and may also answer questions.
I must know not later than 1st September EXACTLY how many people will be comming on the guided tour (this is so we are aware if anyone is likely to have been held up - then someone will wait behind to meet them and help them to catch up).
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Much Wenlock Olympian Trail

The Olympian Trail, which was only completed earlier this year. This you would have to follow by yourselves. There is a brochure with a map and an explanation of each of the sites. The total length of the Olympian Trail is 2150 metres (approx 1.3 miles).
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Much Wenlock Priory

The Priory. Included in the admission fee is an audio tour.
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After the tour / trail / priory, which will be about 12:30 - 12:45pm we will meet up at the George and Dragon, 2 High Street, Much Wenlock (map) for lunch. The George and Dragon is child-friendly, although they must use the restaurant, where you can have a meal (including vegetarian options), bar snack, or sandwiches, or even just a coffee.

Alternatively, for those who prefer to picnic, at one end of the Gaskell Recreation Ground is an area known as Linden Fields, this has seating and conviences (including disabled conveniences), I believe. This area is off Station Road - map

After lunch we will then travel to Ironbridge, or, for those who prefer non-industrial archaeology, Buildwas Abbey is not far away.
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After arriving in Ironbridge, we will visit Blists Hill Victorian Town (map). Admission is 7.50 (consessions available). The town is actually a replica, built in traditional style, on an old coal mine. Here, the 'staff' are all in period costume and carrying on the daily life of people of the day at work, partaking of crafts etc. On the day, preparations will be under way for a Victorian "Wedding" and a school complete with pupils will be in session. There are shops, restaurants and pubs within the grounds, making it a complete town. There is a more modern attraction for children - a fairground.

The museums close at 5pm.
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Note: This will now be at The Swan, The Wharfage, Ironbridge
Finally, those who wish to could meet up in Ironbridge at about 5:30pm coffee and a chat before heading home. This will be at The Swan, The Wharfage, Ironbridge (
map). This is a 300 hundred year-old cream building with blue writing on it. During rennovations a malting kiln was found under the floors of one of the rooms, this has now been preserved and is visable through a glass floor. Subject to this room not being used by a function we will be able to see the kiln.
This is a child-friendly establishment, with a small (16 space) car park. Bar snacks, etc will be available.
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Usefull Websites

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How To Contact Us

We are both contactable on the Time Team Forum, please use the relevant thread for comments about this trip (currently this is 'TTFF National Meet - Ironbridge and Much Wenlock'). This is the best place to post general comments / ideas about the trip
Alternatively, both Keith S and myself (Chris 'Awkward' McKenna) are contactable by e-mail:
E-mail Keith to register an interest in coming, to confirm you are coming, or for questions about the itinerary.
E-mail Chris with comments / questions about this website.
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