My Pascal Source Code

File Name Size Description 34.1 Kb Mouse Unit, allowing full implementation of Mice in your programs. Documentation on how to use is provided. Shareware version only - has a 2 second notice whenever you run your program. See documentation for registration details. 26.15 Kb Game of Connect4, with AI. Shareware Version Only. This is limited to One Human player vs One Computer Player, with a Board Size of 7x6. Full Version has Board Sizes up to 30x40, and either Human vs Human, AI vs Human, Human vs AI, or AI vs AI. PLUS OTHER FEATURES. This version has a maximum of 10 goes per run. 81.17 Kb A Scrolly Space Shoot'em up along the same lines as Xenon2. No way finished. Have already implemented more ideas, such as Powerups, Enemy and Firing Patterns, and a Shop. More Recent Demo to come out shortly. 6.05 Kb Turing Machine Emulator. Includes demo Scripts and Tapes. Does the same job as a Turing Machine but allowing optional Screen output, showing how tape is altered. VERY GOOD (if you like that sort of thing) 4.88 Kb My BlackHole ScreenSaver Thingy. Includes Unit for Mouse and 256 Colour Graph Unit. NOTE: Mouse Unit is very cut-down, for full unit, see above, and the Graph Unit is not very good - Its just a collection of routines which I wrote and found useful, and I recommend replacing this with a better, faster unit.

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