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BubbleChart Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for BubbleChart:
Chart Visualisation

Public Member Functions

 BubbleChart (ChartData data, String title, String colourScheme, ArrayList< Color > userList)
JFreeChart CreateChart (Dataset plotData, String title)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Chart
boolean SetChartTitle (String title)
String GetChartTitle ()
boolean SetAuthor (String author)
String GetAuthor ()
boolean SetDate (Boolean date)
Boolean GetDate ()
boolean SetDescription (String descr)
String GetDescription ()
boolean SetXAxis (String xAxis)
String GetXAxis ()
boolean SetYAxis (String yAxis)
String GetYAxis ()
JFreeChart GetChart ()
boolean SetChart (JFreeChart chart)
boolean SetColour (ColourList colour)
boolean SetLegend (LegendTitle legend)
LegendTitle GetLegend ()
 Chart (ChartData data, String title, String colourScheme, ArrayList< Color > userList)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Visualisation
boolean SetColour (ColourList colour)
ChartData GetData ()
boolean SetData (ChartData data)
ColourList GetColour ()
boolean SetTitle (String title)
String GetTitle ()
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String[] args)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Chart
JFreeChart m_Chart
String m_ChartTitle
String m_Author = ""
Boolean m_Date = false
String m_Description = ""
String m_XAxis = ""
String m_YAxis = ""
LegendTitle m_Legend

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BubbleChart.BubbleChart ( ChartData  data,
String  title,
String  colourScheme,
ArrayList< Color >  userList 

Construct a BubbleChart

datais the data that is used to create the chart
titleis the title of the chart
colourSchemeis a string of the type of colour that will define the colour of the bubbles
userListis the ArrayList<Color> of user defined colours

Member Function Documentation

JFreeChart BubbleChart.CreateChart ( Dataset  plotData,
String  title 

Create a chart of type BubbleChart.

plotDatais the data that shall be used to create the chart
titleis the title to be used upon creation of the chart
the newly created BubbleChart as chart

Implements Chart.

static void BubbleChart.main ( String[]  args)

Unit test

args- command line arguments (not used)

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