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Education and Qualifications

2007-2010 University of Wales, Swansea
MRes Logic and Computation
This was a part-taught course with a research project. The taught part included:
  • lambda calculus and type theory
  • boolean satisfiability problems and solving
  • abstract data types and program synthesis
  • interactive theorem proving using dependent types (Agda)
The research project concerned the theory and implementation of exact real number computation, a broad-based project involving aspects of:
  • real analysis
  • topology
  • domain theory
  • category theory
  • automata and computability theory
  • program extraction
  • functional programming in Haskell
During the course I took part in a Marie Curie fellowship scheme, Mathlogaps (Mathematical Logic and Applications), including a 5-month visit to LMU Munich and a 5-day workshop at Manchester University.
2003-2007 University of Wales, Swansea
BSc Computer Science (with German) (2.1)
Combined honours scheme, 23 Computer Science modules, balanced between practice and theory:
  • programming in Delphi, C, Haskell, Prolog and Java
  • a group project using Java
  • an individual, mostly theoretical project with an implementation in Haskell
  • program design, data structures, algorithms and complexity
  • parsing of formal and natural languages, including programming exercises using LALR(1) parser generators (Lex/Yacc) and DCGs (Prolog)
  • AI techniques such as heuristics and machine learning
  • algebraic specification using the algebraic rewriting language Maude
  • logic, computability theory, and theory of programming languages
  • operating systems and concurrency
and 13 German/linguistics:
  • language tuition including German literature
  • translation
  • terminology
2005-2006 University of Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany (year abroad)
Fairly free-form year, comprising the 3rd year of my degree course. Lectures and seminars on various subjects in the medium of German, including
  • networking
  • databases
  • phonetics
  • ancient history
in addition to social engagement with students from many countries. During this year I greatly improved my German language skills.
2000-2002 Havant Sixth Form College
  • 3 A levels: German (C), Mathematics (pure/mechanics/statistics) (C), Physics (C)
  • 2 AS levels: Computing (B), Philosophy (C)
1995-2000 Oaklands Catholic Comprehensive, Waterlooville, Hampshire
  • 10 GCSEs and 2 short course GCSEs including six As

Additional qualifications

Positions of responsibility

Work experience

February-May 2010 Notetaker and mobility support assistant, Swansea University
November-December 2010 Warehouse operative at Amazon, Swansea
Easter 2004 Temporary factory operative at Hi-Tech Mouldings, Waterlooville, Hampshire
Finishing mass-produced plastic goods e.g. pumps
Summer 2003 Temporary postman at Royal Mail, Waterberry Drive, Waterlooville, Hampshire
Sorting mail, requiring a speedy attention to detail
Delivering mail
Winter 2002/2003 Temporary warehouse operative at DBC Foodservice Ltd., Petersfield, Hampshire
Order picking — collecting stock from the warehouse according to order sheets
Packing/unpacking containers



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