Picross Solver
Simple python program to explore and solve picross problems. Currentlly dosen't work on all problems but can work fine on more basic that only need intuitionistic logic.
BBC Hackathon (Cardiff 2015)
The high fetality design done for the BBC Hackathon with other swansea students. The system would allow people to follow both news sorted by groups and news recommended by other people. We won an award for the code which runs using html5 technologies.
Twilight Sparkle Secret Shipfic Folder - Card Maker App
An web app designed to create Twilight Sparkle Secret Shipfic Folder Cards. It's able to make all cards included in the base game (except the unique derpy card). Also supports exporting and importing cards using custom PNG comments to store metadata.
muffinMare - IRC bot
Old python IRC bot created to welcome people to channels with custom muffins. Later expanded to handle various other commands before being brought down. The code was my first large project and most of it was designed to be expandable.
Open TTD Mapper
Python program to draw maps from Open ttd file saves. Doing so taught me how to read C source code and inspect binary files. Project hit a snag attempting to colour industries however it manges terrian and owership just fine.
Hexaflexagon Generator
Code to make hexaflexagons from images, works rather well and prints them just fine. First project messing around with HTML canvas.
Project & Scrap Archive
Smaller projects and those predating ~2013 can mostly be found inside the archive and Smaller Project Store