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Project Structure

Directory Description
components PHP components of the site, each drives a separate element - e.g. static content, the library, the help system, etc.
htdocs/css Cascading StyleSheets
htdocs/files Files for download (e.g. Help examples)
htdocs/images Images used by the site skin
htdocs/js JavaScript
htdocs/js/tinymce Placeholder dir for TinyMCE, which should not itself be stored in SVN
htdocs/pictures Images used in the content (e.g. /Help)
lib Custom libraries used by the site - e.g. session library
plugins Custom Smarty plugins used by the site - e.g. banana drawing function
static Static content for the static content components (includes help)
static/fragments Any HTML fragments used to make up parts of pages (e.g. secondary bars)
templates Smarty templates
templates_c Compiled Smarty templates - do not use this dir

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