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Glasto '98


The rain was coming down hard and I was soaked though. To make matters worse, the wind was picking up and the mud beginning to flow. Realising that things were becoming difficult I made my way to the medical centre at the top of Glastonbury. Whilst I had been looking around Glastonbury I had noticed a Christian Union tent which was offering free shelter for the weary. They suggested that I visited the medical centre to get a special foil in which I could wrap myself so that I could sleep on the ground in the tent.

After making my way up to the medical centre, I realised there were people in a far worse position than I me. I asked for the foil but was told that supplies were beginning to run low and the best thing was to try and obtain blankets from the CU tent. They also broadcasted a message on the local radio station to see if Will could be found.

Making my way to the CU tent I could hear the Foo Fighter playing on the stage further down the hill. Without a spare change of clothes and incredibly tired the only thing that I wanted to do was sleep.

Inside the CU tent I given a plastic bag to sleep on and a blanket to cover myself. Unfortunately, it wasn't long before the waterlogged ground flooded the top of black bag. I wasn't the only stricken person in the tent. Throughout the night it turned into a refugee camp. Various other people had also lost the people they were supposed to meet up with. One person I talked to had had all his money stolen. Others had watched helplessly as their tents were washed away in a sea of mud. As the night wore on, I noticed people turning up in nothing but trainers (being near the top of Glastonbury the mud wasn't so bad). Finally someone was kind enough to give me a deck-chair to sleep in. I grateful to get away from the ground, which by now was crawling with insects.

Throughout the long night I was kept awake by a ceaseless thud which I later found out was coming from the dance tent. The beat never changed only finally stopped at three in the morning. Also helping to deprive me of sleep was an Everton supporter who shouted Liverpool insults throughout the night.

By about five I couldn't take any more. Cold, wet and tired I was starving and badly needed to use the toilet. Making my way to the supposed super deluxe loos I came across what could only be described as a lake of water. However, you must remember that this lake was not far from the toilets so who knew what would be inside. As I made my across the lake, I realised that the water level was rising above my wellies. I made my way to the railing and clung to it for dear life. Someone else was doing the same in the other direction and one of us would have to come off the railing. As he jumped off into waist deep water I hurried past.

Upon arriving at the loos, the first one I encountered had a door which wouldn't shut. I shouldn't have cared by this point but my dignity got the better of me and I tried another. After closing the door I sat down and relieved myself. It was only when I flushed the loo that I realised that something unpleasant was on the handle...

After hunting around for some soap, I grabbed a bite to eat and surveyed the carnage. The dance tent had been cordoned off due to flooding. The area in front of the pyramid stage had turned into a bog complete with half submerged bottles and cans to slip on. After checking the official meeting point one last time I decided to head for home.

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