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Bookmark Browser Buster

24th March 2000

The bookmark browser buster (BBB) will (hopefully) take a Netscape bookmark file and turn it into a html page that can be downloaded. This page can be used to cycle through the sites in the bookmarks.

It originally started off life as nothing more than a perl script which produced code that could be inserted by hand.

BBB is primarily available to make the testing Mozilla a bit easier. It is known to work in Netscape Navigator 4.5+ and IE 5 too. It is based on the original Mozilla Browser Buster.

    To use it:
  1. Save a copy of the buster frame page to your hard drive.
  2. Upload your Netscape/Mozilla bookmarks and save the resulting file as bustertop.html
  3. Open your saved copy of buster.html

If you want to be able to reset the page count and the page you are on, you will also need a copy of reset.html saved off too.

You can see a working version of what this should produce try Sitsofe's Bookmarks Browser Buster.

If you want to reset the page count and start back on the first page, use the Reset BBB link.

14 March
Implemented bookmark file uploading (at long last).

11 March
You can now download the BBB perl source. I don't guarantee it's up to date though.

08 March
BBB is now two perl scripts that take a bookmark on the local sever and produces an HTML page with checkboxes that you can deselect. Renamed a few files. parse.cgi hooked up to buster2.cgi. Slight HTML and javascript cleanups in buster2.cgi (should validate). Ouptuts an html file to the browser asking which links you want to use from your bookmark file. File upload should be coming soon.

07 March
Modified javascript to skip over links that equal '' (so dead links or broken sites can be removed without less work). Perl/CGI script built which can take url from a posted form.

06 March
First release. Parses a bookmark file and spits out javascript links[] array elements.

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