Team Overview for team INNER JS (Inner Temple)

Speakers: Jasper Osei and Savannah Bullen-Manson

Round 1

Motion: THW give two votes to women in political elections

Venue: V327 (SOAS)


RoleTeamRankingPointsBefore Round 1After Round 1After Round 5
Opening GovernmentINNER JS (Inner Temple)Third11st (0 points, 0 speaks)56th (1 points, 138 speaks)77th (1 points, 549 speaks)
Opening OppositionJESUS HT (Jesus College)Second21st (0 points, 0 speaks)31st (2 points, 151 speaks)8th (11 points, 777 speaks)
Closing GovernmentCAM Sawm (Cambridge)Fourth01st (0 points, 0 speaks)74th (0 points, 137 speaks)62nd (5 points, 723 speaks)
Closing OppositionKCL FH (King's College London)First31st (0 points, 0 speaks)6th (3 points, 159 speaks)12th (10 points, 789 speaks)


Darion HotanKCL FH82
Emma FosterKCL FH77
Jasper OseiINNER JS70
Jure HederihJESUS HT76
Neria AylwardCAM Sawm72
Nicholas TanJESUS HT75
Savannah Bullen-MansonINNER JS68
Tatiana OswaltCAM Sawm65


ChairKatie HeardDurham (DUR)
PanelistCiara DenihanUCD Law Society (UCD LAW)
PanelistEthel TambudzaiWestminister (WESTMINISTER)

Round 2

Motion: This house believes that law enforcement organisations should never provide incentives to gang members to inform on their superiors (e.g. plea bargains or monetary rewards)

Venue: V215 (SOAS)


RoleTeamRankingPointsBefore Round 2After Round 2After Round 5
Opening GovernmentVIENNA C (Debattierklub Wien)Third148th (1 points, 146 speaks)53rd (2 points, 294 speaks)53rd (6 points, 740 speaks)
Opening OppositionINNER JS (Inner Temple)Fourth056th (1 points, 138 speaks)69th (1 points, 283 speaks)77th (1 points, 549 speaks)
Closing GovernmentUCL King (University College London)Second258th (0 points, 153 speaks)48th (2 points, 305 speaks)43rd (7 points, 740 speaks)
Closing OppositionNOTT Thunder (Nottingham)First344th (1 points, 150 speaks)27th (4 points, 303 speaks)38th (7 points, 758 speaks)


Ingo BandhauerVIENNA C74
Jan-Alexander GreiweUCL King75
Jasper OseiINNER JS72
Joonsang LeeUCL King77
Katja SchagerVIENNA C74
Mary LiangNOTT Thunder75
Savannah Bullen-MansonINNER JS73
Yash JainNOTT Thunder78


ChairCraig McDonaldCardiff University (CARD)
PanelistNisaKing's College London (KCL)
PanelistCiara DenihanUCD Law Society (UCD LAW)

Round 3

Motion: This house regrets the decline in oil prices over the last 18 months

Venue: V221 (SOAS)


RoleTeamRankingPointsBefore Round 3After Round 3After Round 5
Opening GovernmentUCD LAW HH (UCD Law Society)Third168th (1 points, 284 speaks)70th (2 points, 423 speaks)64th (5 points, 708 speaks)
Opening OppositionOXFORD TM (Oxford Union)First362nd (1 points, 299 speaks)44th (4 points, 452 speaks)32nd (8 points, 758 speaks)
Closing GovernmentBUDA A (Beijing International Studies University)Second264th (1 points, 297 speaks)57th (3 points, 443 speaks)56th (6 points, 733 speaks)
Closing OppositionINNER JS (Inner Temple)Fourth069th (1 points, 283 speaks)73rd (1 points, 417 speaks)77th (1 points, 549 speaks)


Fionn HendersonUCD LAW HH69
Jack HeronUCD LAW HH70
Jacob LanBUDA A72
Jasper OseiINNER JS67
Meera SachdevaOXFORD TM77
Savannah Bullen-MansonINNER JS67
Susan ZhengBUDA A74
Tim SharpeOXFORD TM76


ChairSophia RodriguezLSE (LSE)
PanelistKian O'ConnelUCD L+H (UCD L+H)
PanelistJane D'AltuinTCD Phil (TCD PHIL)

Round 4

Motion: This house believes that Donald Trump's presidential campaign is good for America

Venue: V222 (SOAS)


RoleTeamRankingPointsBefore Round 4After Round 4After Round 5
Opening GovernmentUCD LAW HH (UCD Law Society)Second270th (2 points, 423 speaks)65th (4 points, 561 speaks)64th (5 points, 708 speaks)
Opening OppositionUCL Simone (University College London)First366th (2 points, 444 speaks)51st (5 points, 583 speaks)47th (7 points, 734 speaks)
Closing GovernmentINNER JS (Inner Temple)Fourth073rd (1 points, 417 speaks)75th (1 points, 549 speaks)77th (1 points, 549 speaks)
Closing OppositionUCD LAW KM (UCD Law Society)Third171st (2 points, 412 speaks)73rd (3 points, 547 speaks)65th (5 points, 695 speaks)


Clemency WangUCL Simone68
Eleanor YungUCL Simone71
Emem Usen UmohUCD LAW KM66
Fionn HendersonUCD LAW HH68
Jack HeronUCD LAW HH70
Jasper OseiINNER JS65
Marc MasonUCD LAW KM69
Savannah Bullen-MansonINNER JS67


ChairValerie TierneyUCD L+H (UCD L+H)
PanelistKian O'ConnelUCD L+H (UCD L+H)
PanelistClaire DewshiKing's College London (KCL)

Round 5

Motion: This house would allow countries to pay other countries to settle refugees who reach their borders

Team did not participate in this round