Team Overview for team SWING B (SWING)

Speakers: Harry Stovin-Bradford (1) and Harry Stovin-Bradford (2)

Round 1

Motion: THW give two votes to women in political elections

Team did not participate in this round

Round 2

Motion: This house believes that law enforcement organisations should never provide incentives to gang members to inform on their superiors (e.g. plea bargains or monetary rewards)

Team did not participate in this round

Round 3

Motion: This house regrets the decline in oil prices over the last 18 months

Team did not participate in this round

Round 4

Motion: This house believes that Donald Trump's presidential campaign is good for America

Team did not participate in this round

Round 5

Motion: This house would allow countries to pay other countries to settle refugees who reach their borders

Venue: VG01 (SOAS)


RoleTeamRankingPointsBefore Round 5After Round 5After Round 5
Opening GovernmentLINCOLNS INN B (Lincolns Inn)Fourth074th (2 points, 521 speaks)75th (2 points, 651 speaks)75th (2 points, 651 speaks)
Opening OppositionSWING B (SWING)First377th (0 points, 0 speaks)74th (3 points, 154 speaks)74th (3 points, 154 speaks)
Closing GovernmentSWING C (SWING)Third177th (0 points, 0 speaks)78th (1 points, 149 speaks)78th (1 points, 149 speaks)
Closing OppositionSWING A (SWING)Second277th (0 points, 0 speaks)76th (2 points, 151 speaks)76th (2 points, 151 speaks)


Alina Bucsa (1)SWING A75
Alina Bucsa (2)SWING A76
Harry Stovin-Bradford (1)SWING B76
Harry Stovin-Bradford (2)SWING B78
James VernonLINCOLNS INN B65
Nathan Sekhar (1)SWING C75
Nathan Sekhar (2)SWING C74


ChairJames GreenUCD Law Society (UCD LAW)
PanelistEnda O'RiordanUniversity College London (UCL)
PanelistRudraniUniversity College London (UCL)