Swansea University Computer Society

SUCS is one of the university's longest-running and largest societies. In addition to providing members with a range of IT services, we hold regular events and socials throughout the year.

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A little about us...

Established in 1988 we are a community that enjoys technology and being creative. We also offer a wide variety of services that our members greatly benefit from.

Hold regular events both technical and non-technical.

Have several active projects going on that any member can join in on.

Offer our members a dedicated 24/7 space.

Active alumni network with members working at Red Hat, Google, Microsoft, etc...

Come chat with us on one of the oldest Bulletin Board Systems in the UK, Milliways! Existing members can log in by SSH'ing into silver (ssh sucs.org) and running the command 'mw'. Non-members can join by SSH'ing in as the user 'bbs' with the password 'bbs' (ssh bbs@sucs.org). There is a quick guide on Using MW that is recommended.

We also run a Discord server that is more easily accessible on a wider variety of platforms.

What we offer

Regular Events

We run regular technical and non-technical events.

Dedicated Lab

We run our own dedicated lab that's accessible 24/7.


With over 100 members from all manner of backgrounds SUCS has a rich and diverse community.

Virtual Machines

Members can request virtual machines for use for projects or prototyping.

Web Hosting

Members can take advantage of our web-hosting facilities to showcase their work or ideas.


We run numerous projects that people can jump in and out of. Hosting your own projects is possible with our own GitLab server

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