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15 Nov 2018
16:54:10 welshbyte ... ucing-red-hat-enterprise-linux-8-beta
Powering IT’s future while preserving the present: Introducing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta
16:41:30 welshbyte
Matt Chorley on Twitter: "MAY RESIGNS… "
13:10:12 rollercow
12:11:52 flagg ... -the-job-he-was-supposed-to-be-doing/
Dominic Raab resigns after admitting that Theresa May has ‘failed’ in the job he was supposed to be doing
12:10:33 flagg ... r-voluntarily-resigning-from-her-job/
Esther McVey ‘now subject to benefit sanctions’ after voluntarily resigning from her job
10:50:43 FireFury ... QVr0BrLyj22VnHgbei-9fXmzg-2AKZUrnjy1g
‘But we were pwomithed a pony’ shout tedious whiny f*cking Brexiters
10:15:25 psycodom ... ews/ex-wirral-west-mp-esther-10979168
09:32:57 Arthur
Simon McGarr on Twitter: "Brexit has been 18 months of watching someone trying to haggle on prices with the automatic scanning machine at a Tesco checkout."
09:21:32 FireFury
Chuka Umunna on Twitter: " negotiated it, you promised the earth as part of Vote Leave and now you walk off and leave others to clear up the mess? Seriously? These people are shameless.…"
09:10:47 edmund ... heresa-may-at-brexit-cabinet-meeting/
“Come on then, fuckers!” roars drunken Theresa May at Brexit cabinet meeting
09:09:37 welshbyte
Dominic Raab on Twitter: "Today, I have resigned as Brexit Secretary. I cannot in good conscience support the terms proposed for our deal with the EU. Here is my letter to the PM explaining my reasons, and my enduring respect for her.…"