Groups, on a UNIX system, are simply collections of users. They're handy for assigning several users the permission to perform a task. If you want to know more about their role in UNIX file permissions, see our guide to the UNIX Filesystem

In SUCS, there are several groups which the admin team may decide to add you to if you'd like to help out with running the society. These include:

Members of the html group are able to edit the content of the SUCS website
People in this group are responsible for running the SUCS reference library, including checking out books to people
Users in the bananas group are able to give banana awards to members who have done something laudable for the society
People with a demonstrable aptitude for the basics of Linux admin and a track record of helping the SUCS community may be added to this group, which allows some access to perform admin tasks on the SUCS desktops and/or servers.
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