Linux - installation, configuration and use

Book Available Linux - installation, configuration and use

Author: Michael Kofler

Like many of its competitors, Kofler's book opens with instructions for installing Red Hat Linux 4.1 (included on the companion CD-ROM and unfortunately obsolete) and solving the problems that often accompany the procedure. Kofler then gets you started in the language with a quick tour of key Linux routines. From there, he discusses X Windows and the bash shell. Internet services get their due, but programming gets little space beyond a cursory nod at tcl/tk.

This book differentiates itself with its great coverage of LaTeX--a feature not found in other texts. Kofler explores font issues and problems associated with rendering advanced math symbols.

If you know Linux for Dummies is sort of what you want, but you fear that it'll be too basic, Linux is appropriate for you. Kofler's book patiently covers all the material in the Dummies book and more, without the gewgaws that some find annoying in the Dummies books.

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