Welcome Freshers to SUCS!

How do I sign up?

It's really easy. You need to pay your £5 membership fee on the Student Union website. Login using your Student number and password then select the "standard membership" option on the bottom left for £5. Click the profile icon and head to the "basket". Finish off the purchase there and you will receive a Transaction ID.

Next, head to our signup page and fill out your student number and the Transaction ID you were given from the SU website. You can now create your SUCS profile!


What's next?

Good question. The first step is to understand where your emails are located. You can access them by visiting https://sucs.org/webmail. Your email address is <username>@sucs.org. Once you've done this it's time to SSH in to the network and start familiarising yourself with the society. In your home directory you have a "public_html" folder. All files you store in here can be accessed through https://sucs.org/~username as shown here. You can also access our Bulletin Board System known as Milliways by typing the command "mw". We use this as a chat system for the society as it's part of our legacy - created around 20 years ago! Finally, start saying "Hi!" Pop down to The Room on Singleton Campus behind the bins in Union House where you can access your very own free colour printing.


How do I get access to the room?

You need to have your student card registered on our door access system. In order to do this you need to email admin@sucs.org to organise a time for an admin to meet you. We're in the process of developing a cardless system for use in cases where you've lost your card or haven't had it registered. You can access the beta version at https://sucs.org/doorkey whilst connected to SUCS WiFi.


How do I get help?

If you need help with anything related to the society, email admin@sucs.org. If you want help with a project, upload it to our GitLab server and jump on Milliways where someone will be able to provide some advice.


In the meantime, we hope everyone has a fantastic Freshers and hope to see you all active in the society.


-The SUCS Executive Committee

Posted by vectre on Sep 24, 2018