The sun isn't shining, the birds aren't singing, it's very cold, it gets dark too fast, and my boiler isn't broken this year. What am I talking about? Elections!

Interested in helping shape the best society at Swansea University? Good, then keep on reading :)

If you have been a student member from before the 20th of November 2017 and are expecting to still be a student in September of 2018 then you can run!

Nominations for positions on the executive committee, which lasts a whole calendar year, will open on the 4th of December at 00:00, and will close on the 10th of December at 23:59. The standard rules apply, to be nominated for a position you must have 2 other student members put your name forward, an email must be sent to Those students must have been members from 2 weeks before nominations open, so the 20th of November in this case.

Here's a list of positions and what you can expect to be doing: NONE OF THESE POSITIONS ARE TECHNICAL ROLES. NO EXPERIENCE WITH COMPUTERS REQUIRED.

President (

* Responsible for the overall running of the society.

* A spokesperson for the society, able to promote the society’s interests in outside circles. The main point of contact for liaison with the SU.

* Responsible for calling committee meetings and full society meetings.

* Supporting the other committee members in their roles.

* Joint responsibility (with Treasurer) of authorising all payments.

* Ensure that the aims and objectives of the society are being achieved.


Treasurer (

* Responsible for the financial affairs of the society.

* Manage a record of the society’s finances.

* Able to present the finances of the society to the Societies and Services Officer upon request.

* Joint responsibility (with President) of authorising all payments.

* Lead on applications for grant funding (with President).

* Requesting cheques/petty cash/bank transfers from the SU Finance Office.


Secretary (

* Responsible for the administration of the society.

* Minute-taker for all meetings of the committee and the whole society.

* Responsible for notifying members of Annual General Meetings/Elections.

* Maintain all records of the society.


Publicity (

* Responsible for organising society events

* Working with the president to complete room bookings

* Promoting the society

* Be the societies PR person


Gaming (

* To make sure the games server is functional and all our members can access it

* To help decide what games and mods are run on the server

* To run and organise events (related to gaming)

* To work with the publicity officer in regards to games

If none of the above positions look appealing or you would also like to get involved with the technical side of the society drop an email.

Once the nominations have closed the mandatory 2 day break will be enforced. Online voting will begin on 13/12/2017 at 00:00 and will close on 17/12/2017 at 23:59.

Our returning officer is Imran Hussain (imranh). Any queries should be directed at him via the email address All the election rules can be found in our constitution which is at

Good luck and have fun!

tl;dr SUCS Elections! Nominations 4th Dec to 10th Dec, Voting 13th Dec to 17th Dec

Posted by imranh on Dec 4, 2017