This is aggie's SUCS page

There's not a lot happening here right now...

...I was a student doing Computer Science in 2001-3 and was on the SUCS Committee in 2003. However I magically disappeared mid-way through the year and also ended up failing and dropping out of Uni. I'll openly admit - that I feel pretty guilty about not doing enough for SUCS during my time on the Committee.

In 2004 (6 months after getting kicked off my course!), I started working in Library and Information Services (LIS) at Swansea University. I am now an "E-learning Advisor Technical Advisor" (Geek is a better word) for JISC Regional Support Centre for Wales - which is one of the external projects that LIS are involved with.

For those who don't know who JISC are then they are responsible for funding the JANET Network (on behalf of the Government Funding Bodies).

One of my (many) tasks is managing a number of systems for RSC Wales. Most of these now run on VMware Infrastructure (VMWare ESX + the fun toys!), there is a mix of Windows (ikk!) and Linux (mainly Gentoo) systems.

As part of my job I share a blog (RSC Wales Technical Blog) with a colleague which is mainly aimed at Technical staff in Higher and Further Education, although it may be interesting to others.

Being a geek I have a lot of computer kit at home and in work, but for how long I don't know!


I'm also on