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If you have come here you must be curious about me so here is the "anrchist FAQ":

Why does your user name contain an obvious spelling mistake?

At the time I started using Milliways there was an 8 character limit for user names so I chose to drop the "a". The missing "a" has stuck arround sucs, everywhere else the "a" is used.

Why are you known as Anarchist?

Back in my student days (about 1872 according to some) I went through a number of second rate online names, none of which I really liked. Somone I knew in real life refered to me as "you anarchist" sarcastically on a couple of occasions, so I thought I'd give that a Whirl. It seems to have stuck as an online name for no real reason.

Its best not to call me anarchist in real life, its kind of embarasing for me and makes you look like a complete geek who can't be asked to find out my real name.

What do you do in real life?

These days I work for Cyan Technology, but aspire to get a job at Starbucks. In between dreaming of serving long frothy drinks to attractive young women I enjoy playing board games, wargames, computer games. When I can find time I also maintain the web site of my local wargames club and the Cambridge Wargames forum.

Whats the apathy counter record?

The counter did display 1183498180 at one point, but only because the sucs register_globals PHP configuration changed causing the page to fail to get its own time. As a result it calculated time since the start of "unix time".

The true maximum should have been close to 84847401. About 2.7 years ;-)

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