The South-West Peninsula
summits with a prominence greater than 537/e metres

This area consists of High Willhays and everything on its side of the unavoidably lowest col between it and any higher ground.

This is the far south-west, very roughly beyond a line joining Bridgwater and Bournemouth, more precisely the Stour and the Parrett/Yeo rivers and the col that establishes High Willhays prominence being at Longburton, south of Sherborne.

This col appears to be only a little lower than a col just to north of Malmesbury, and should further evidence show the latter to be the lower col then everywhere south of the Thames will turn-out to be Willhays domain.

Note:  Should the Malmesbury col come into play for Willhays, his would merge the South-West half-dozen with ten summits from the various downs of Wessex for the new South region, whilst costing the rump Midland Wolds area at least thirty tops owing to the lower qualifying prominence for that area -- such are the vagaries of this method.

The South-West hosts a fine area of moorland and coastal cliffs, but very little in the way of hills with a relatively high prominence, a mere six Tops and two Subs.  This is a result of the very nature of the gently rolling moors -- flatter than the downlands to the east -- and exaggerated by the high prominence of Willhays itself.

Perhaps then this area highlights most that the fact of a top not making a list does not necessarily mean it is not worth visiting.  But then if you've ever been to the south-west you'd already know that.

See the Definitions & Explanations page for explanation of the column headings and contents, and for answers to what the heck is e and why do these tables finish where they do?

  Prominence,,                                  ,Height,         ,         ,    
  (m) , (ft) ,    Hill Name  [Island]           ,  (m) , Grid-ref, Maps    ,Area

  537 , 1762 ,  High Willhays                   ,   621, SX580892, OL28    , 40 
  414 , 1358 ,  Dunkery Beacon                  ,   519, SS891415, OL 9    , 41 
  314 , 1030 ,  Brown Willy                     ,   420, SX158799,  109    , 40 
  263 ,  863 ,  Wills Neck                      ,   386, ST164351,  140    , 41 
  225 ,  738 ,  Watch Croft                     ,   252, SW420357,  102    , 40 
  212 ,  696 ,  Staple Hill                     ,   315, ST240166,  128    , 41 
**** 198m = 537m/e Prominence cut-off ****
  193 ,  633 ,  Selworthy Beacon                ,   308, SS918479, OL 9    , 41 
  193 ,  633 ,  Hensbarrow Beacon               ,   312, SW996575,  106    , 40 

(Significant Summits)