West Wales Wanderers

Pervagor Semper Liberi -- Always Free To Wander

The Wanderers was a mountain-walking club for the common-or-garden pleasant enough folk of the common-or-garden pleasant enough university that used to be known as University College of Wales, Aberystwyth.  Both institutions have since changed their names at least once and, inevitably, fings aint what they used to be.  But we remember who we were and, when it comes down to it, who we yet are and doubtless will remain -- Wanderers from Aber -- even if some of us now have bigger games to play (see the Munich Wanderers for a case in point!).

The Aberystwyth Walking Club (as they were relaunched in the late '90s) have reclaimed history and archive duties and the baton has duly been passed.  Although the pages formerly lurking (1996-2005) here in exile at SUCS have been deleted, much of the Wanderers club-history content from the site now appears in the History pages of the AWC in some form or other, but note that we can't be held accountable to their re-interpretations and editing even when they've attached the original authors' names to the content!

Great to know, as these pages close in the spring of 2005:  that the Wanderers' co-founder and first President, Julian "Joe" Jordan, has re-emerged from the myths of time to claim his place in the club's history; and that the Right-to-Roam legislation (i.e. the CRoW Act) is about to take effect in Wales, and about time too.

See you on the hills somewhere, somewhen.  A-P (with or without Hât).

Pervagor Semper Liberi -- Always Free To Wander

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