Frequently Asked Questions

These are the things that people often seem to wonder, and seem to think I'll know the answer to...

Why chickens?
Kind of a long story. A complete explanation would go on for several pages, and include pretty illustrations of the stages of chicken evolution... then probably the opposing viewpoint of chicken creationism, then the unavoidable chicken or egg question, then the questions about crossing roads...
Why *chckens*... don't you know how to write proper?
That's a question I can answer! It certainly was "chickens" for a little while, until... I mistyped it :$ This typo happened to be while I was creating my user account for SUCS, and not wanting to cause a fuss I kept it. It should be noted that this event occured whilst being made to use a United Kingdom QWERTY keyboard layout... or, to be exact, a United Kindgom QWERTY keyboard which actually behaves like one! Scandal. (see "<day-o ,prbi ,cyd frgp t.fxpape/What's wrong with your keyboard") These days it's my standard all-purpose nickname... I like it cause it's a good way of dodging through the cluttered namespace of Internet logins. Believe it or not, there are many other people in the world who would equally want to register the name "chickens" in places
<day-o ,prbi ,cyd frgp t.fxrapeZ (translation: What's wrong with your keyboard?)
That'll teach you for trying to use my computer without asking. You've just experienced the fun of typing on the Dvorak key layout.
How are you?
I'm good.