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The Wurzels - Rock Around The A38

Way down Taunton on the A38
Just around the corner there's a five-bar gate
Over in the field stand old Farmer Joe
Cranking up his tractor trying to make the thing go
No-one seems to know, or try to understand
It's hard to make a living when your working on the land
Go Go
Let the cider flow

Alright my lover

Farmer's son in the pig sty mixing up the swill
Bubbling and a steaming enough to make thee ill
Sow she came a borin' like a huricane
Rollin' over n'over n'over n'over again
no-one there around, to give that boy a warnin'
they couldn't dig him out until teh very next mornin'
Go Go
Let the cider flow

C'mon there my beauty, c'mon right there

Farmer's daughter Mable rolling in the hay
With the village lads she were the caberet
Swinging through the rafters in her tight blue jeans
Polo neck all ruffled n' bursting from the seams
No-one seems to care, or try to understand
The ups and downs a man gets when he's working on the land
Go Go
Let the cider flow

Farmer's wife out working picking up the eggs
She's gettin' on she ain't too steady on her legs
Basket in her arms and a right (rim?) full
She crossed the field and she got chased by the bull
No-one there around to get that bull away
Now Joe's got scrambled eggs for his breakfast every day
Go Go
Let the cider flow

C'mon here my beauty, c'mon 'ere
Giv'm a grt big dog, he he

(These lyrics are what I have been able to make out from listening to the song on the CD.
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