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[IMG]360° view from the north bank.jpg2004-12-26 15:09 1.1M 
[IMG]Castle viewed from the north bank.jpg2004-12-26 15:09 321K 
[IMG]Castle viewed from the western island.jpg2004-12-26 15:09 208K 
[IMG]Leaning tower.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 173K 
[IMG]Mo looking at the leaning tower.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 340K 
[IMG]Preparing to fire the ballista.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 213K 
[IMG]Reenactors in the inner ward.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 318K 
[IMG]Stephen by the base of the Trébuchet.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 250K 
[IMG]Trébuchet.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 128K 
[IMG]View of the Castle from the South West.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 190K 
[IMG]about to fire the mangonel.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 215K 
[IMG]inner (west) face of the inner east gatehouse.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 259K 
[IMG]inner ward.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 309K 
[IMG]re-enacter's tents in the middle ward.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 148K 
[IMG]seige engines from the entrance to Felton's tower.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 179K 
[IMG]south dam defences.jpg2004-12-26 15:09 294K 
[IMG]the inside of the leaning (south east) tower.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 262K 
[IMG]the seige engines from the drawbridge.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 319K 
[IMG]through the archway.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 185K 
[IMG]top of the leaning tower.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 314K 
[IMG]view from the western wall-walk.jpg2004-12-26 15:09 180K 
[IMG]western defences.jpg2004-12-26 15:09 275K 
[IMG]western defences 2.jpg2004-12-26 15:09 317K 

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