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[IMG]Almshouses.jpg2004-12-26 15:09 299K 
[IMG]Ampitheatre.jpg2004-12-26 15:09 289K 
[IMG]Cally.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 133K 
[IMG]Cally and Kerry.jpg2004-12-26 15:09 153K 
[IMG]Cally atop the ampitheatre.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 229K 
[IMG]Cally didn't want me to put this image online.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 231K 
[IMG]Charlotte.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 294K 
[IMG]Charlotte explores the ampithetre, indicating the scale.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 244K 
[IMG]Co & Sir Mark.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 369K 
[IMG]Co & Sir Mark in the Coffee Shop.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 195K 
[IMG]Dougal1.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 197K 
[IMG]Dougal2.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 168K 
[IMG]Market Place.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 263K 
[IMG]Parish Church2.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 317K 
[IMG]Parish Church3.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 208K 
[IMG]Parish Church4.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 337K 
[IMG]Parish Church5.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 200K 
[IMG]Parish Church from the ampitheatre.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 114K 
[IMG]Parish church1.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 198K 
[IMG]Sarah Mac, Kerry & Co.jpg2004-12-26 15:09 276K 
[IMG]Some of the buildings that are part of Earl Bathurst's estate.jpg2004-12-26 15:09 231K 
[IMG]The chancel of the old hospital.jpg2004-12-26 15:09 245K 
[IMG]Time Team's monument to Cirencester.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 264K 
[IMG]church_leaflet.jpg2004-12-26 15:09 543K 
[IMG]is this a quern stone.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 364K 
[IMG]is this a tower.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 294K 
[IMG]site of excavations.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 335K 
[IMG]the abbey gatehouse with Mark, Charlotte & Dougal about to enter.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 318K 

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