Awkward's Photos from the SUCS Beach Party 2003

Before The Party
FireFury's car avec shed (1) FireFury's car avec shed (2) SUCS room or timber yard?
FireFury's sister donated three-quarters of an old shed, the roof-rack of FireFury's Corsa was the method of transportation to SUCS Even before the arrival of the shed, the SUCS room resembled a timber-yard.
Random Photographs of People
People (1) People (2) People (3) People (4)
FireFury, ?, ?, ?, ?, TheRaven, Spurdy ?, ?, TheRaven, ?, Spurdy, ? DaveB's brother, DaveB, Jason (with his back to camera), TheRaven, Zute ?, ?, Spurdy
People (5) People (6) People (7) People (8)
?, ?, Spurdy PK?, ?, CT, Sits, Krysa, Bash Andy, CT, Rohan, Sprudy, Crystal, TR (looking at Crystal), ? CT, ?, Bash, Jo?, Sits, somebody's back
People (9) People (10) People (11) People (12)
Three people whose names I can't remember Andy, CT, Zute?, Krysa, ? (with back to camera), Bash, ?, Jason? (with back to camera), ? FireFury, Crystal, FinnW, Psycodom, ?, ?, Rohan? (on the very edge of shot) Zute, Bash, Andy, ?, ?
People (13) People (14)
?, Manic, Sits, ? (in background), FireFury, Finn, CT (infront of Finn), Jason. ? Krysa, TheRaven, ?, ?, Psycodom
More Photos Of People
Andy Andy again Smerf People and a Barbeque
Andy, just after the chicken he was cooking rolled into the sand Smerf - Lord of the Barbeque Manic, CT? (with back to camera), FireFury, ?, Psycodom, Jaoson (sitting with back to shot), Smerf (sitting) and ? gathered around the barbeque as the first food is served
Rohan, Art and Crystal Art, Rohan and Manic FinnW and Rohan CT Firewalking
Rohan, Art and Crystal Arrive Art, Rohan and Manic FinnW and Rohan CT firewalking
Manic, FF and PK? Psycodom & FireFury FF the photographer Jo and Zute
Manic, FireFury and PKLong, SUCS tribal elders Psycodom and Firefury proving I wasn't the only photographer there Jo and Zute
Femmes Fatal
Krysa Jo Crystal Bash
The SUCS Femmes Fatal - Krysa, Jo, Crystal and Bash
Jo Jo Jo's Audience
As usual, Jo being Jo attracts an Audience
Krysa and CT engage in battle Krysa and Manic returning from battle Manic dares to carry Krysa Beware
Krysa and CT engage in battle Krysa and Manic return from battle, both apparently unscathed Krysa rides Manic Krysa, Bash and Jo together. Beware!
Bash and Jo Bash, Sits and Krysa Bash snares one of her own
Jo demonstrates while Bash studies intently Sits is snared by the Bash-Krysa combination Later on, Bash snares one for herself ;)
Photographs of the Bonfire
the fire (1) the fire (2) the fire (3) the fire (4)
Four pictures of the bonfire, which at its height was hot enough to melt glass!

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