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[IMG]Broad Walk.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 367K 
[IMG]Looking out from the Pavillion in the Queen Mother's garden.jpg2004-12-26 15:09 410K 
[IMG]Looking south along the west moat.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 397K 
[IMG]Looking through the paddock to the broad walk.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 388K 
[IMG]North Moat.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 333K 
[IMG]North moat from the main entrance bridge.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 354K 
[IMG]Pond.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 322K 
[IMG]Queen Mother's Garden.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 300K 
[IMG]South Moat.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 352K 
[IMG]South moat (I think).JPG2004-12-26 15:09 377K 
[IMG]The Ornamental vegetable garden (and Sir Mark).jpg2004-12-26 15:09 584K 
[IMG]The broad walk with the castle in the background.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 356K 
[IMG]The glen.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 469K 
[IMG]The moat from the south-east bridge.jpg2004-12-26 15:09 501K 
[IMG]West moat.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 517K 
[IMG]Woodland Walk.jpg2004-12-26 15:09 293K 
[IMG]looking East in the Queen Mother's garden.jpg2004-12-26 15:09 480K 
[IMG]looking through the gateway from the south moat to the east moat.JPG2004-12-26 15:09 252K 
[IMG]the beautifully planted base of a tower..JPG2004-12-26 15:09 433K 

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