Clock Watching

My love is due about twelve,
Clock-watching since a half past nine,
No clock in the house has escaped my gaze,
Clock-watching all of the time,
Every hour lasts eternally,
Clock-watching every minute of the day,
Nothing can go fast enough,
Clock-watching the time away,
Upon the very stroke of midday,
Clock-watching but a few seconds apart,
My love phones to say she's on her way,
Clock-watching the seconds tick away,
Frantic preparations get underway,
Clock-watching till she arrives,
Ten minutes away - is everything ok?
Clock-watching one clock ceases to suffice,
Anticipation far to much to work,
Clock-watching nothing to do but wait,
Sanity begins to give way,
Clock-watching this poem begins to flow,
At last she is here!
Clock-watching no more.

Chris McKenna

18/01/98 11:25-12:10am
Written while waiting for my girlfriend.

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Copyright (C) Chis McKenna 1998.