One Golden Minute

As the Music plays its captive melody,
I close my eyes and my mind begins to drift,
Colours drift past - deep blue, purple and gold
Suddenly I see a scene from long ago
Happy children playing on the village green,
An image from a film - Rugged mountains and a quiet village
Pan pipes in the background, a soft-spoken woman wishes me well,
Victorian men exchange their greetings, on a crowded city street,
Time slows down - a steam train puffs through the country,
A shuttle orbits the earth - everything serene
One golden minute, all over the world
Nobody moves
Everyone lost in thought
The Music returns again - so soft and gentle
Birds begin to chatter,
Two lovers embrace,
A war stops to silence
Soldiers climb out of trenches,
Former enemies shake hands, amid a war shattered town.
The Music begins to build,
That village again - Trees and Flowers begin to bloom,
The African plains, Lions and Wildebeest pause their eternal chase,
Church bells ring in a sleepy market town,
Grass begins to grow where concrete once had been,
A second spring has come,
The Music reaches a crescendo,
Daybreak and Sun lights the altar at Stonehenge,

The world begins again...

Chris McKenna

19/09/97 17:40 - 18:20
Written while listening to
'Return to Innocence' by Enigma

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Copyright (C) Chris Mckenna 1997.