The Group

Sitting on the outside
Left out and forgotten,
Ignored - yet again.
Left on my own, getting lonely and sad,
My feelings not important to those in the Group
laughing and joking amongst themselves.
I try to join in and the air turns icy,
A silence descends and people have 'things to do'
Ostracised by the Group, what can I do?
Hindered by ridicule at almost every turn,
Denied an opportunity - because I'm on my own.
If I had but one partner, then maybe I could shine,
Maybe we could show them, show them how its done,
But would the Group take notice?
Of a reject or two?
What can one do, against the mighty Group?
How can I defend myself, against such pure felt hate?

Chris McKenna


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Copyright (C) Chris Mckenna 1997.