Today my life changed,
Today what was once simple
became more complicated,
more compicated than even I could forsee

Out of the confusion,
soilidity was starting to form
Then down into flames
my dreams of an ending were shot

A few simple words,
from a chance encounter
A few simple words,
A few simple words to seemingly seal a fate

Now once-more I drift,
ever downwards to pits of sorrow
jaws opening wide,
beckoning and calling to await my soul

The scene shifs to a beach,
A beach of a curving bay -
Standing on this beach with friends
A lighthouse beckons me, but I don't go

Now I sit and wonder why,
In surroundings so familar
yet surrondings so vague
Wondering where I do I go? Wondering who will be there?

Is there a point?
Somewhere calls a yes
from where I know not,
But a long-haul has begun, it has begun

This lighthouse still calls
Tommorrow I will follow
What should fill with hope, meets an empty heart

To sit and dream,
To sit and remember,
to sit and ponder
To sit and contemplate me

Of this I know not
Of where of why of when?
Give me a strength
Give me love, give me a friend

Chris McKenna

31/03/2000 00:40 - 01:15
Written in computer room at uni,
Listening to songs written by a friend
after being told earlier in the day
it was pointless me sitting end of year exams.

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Copyright (C) Chris Mckenna 2000.