People Like You

As the sun begins another day,
a mother gives birth in shackles,
as a father is beaten to death in gaol.

A family of six, that once was twelve
Crossing a border, becomming refugees -
Leaving war, but gaining disease

While the sun climbs higher
So do the flags of a nation invading -
Leaving a wake of poverty and repression

Prisoners are waking from an uneasy sleep
To a day filled with torture -
To a day filled with hate

The sun carries on, the same as every day
A government stirs into action -
deporting refugees, and crushing descent

The sun begins to set
As an excecution takes place -
While an army plans a coup

But the suns last rays
Illuminate only kindness -
From people like you

Thank you

Chris McKenna

5/11/1999 01:40 - 02:00
Written when I got back from celebrating a friend's 21st.
University Amensty group meeting was earlier in the evening,
Amnesty Internation Student AGM was the previous weekend.

Revised slightly 13/05/2000
Sitting on clifs overlooking Rhossili Bay,
on the Gower Peninsula

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Copyright (C) Chis McKenna 2000.